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Please read the following paragraph and then choose from the two options below: The tours cost Hazel, me and the children finacially. We do have a donation option, however the vast majority do not give a gift. For example; recently we had 189 connections, with more than 2 people on each connection, even so only 6 people gave a small gift which was not enough to cover the costs. We do not want to appear ungrateful, as we have been amazed at your generousity, but more and more we have not been covering our costs and we have been seriously thinking that we may have to stop these tours. If, of those 189 who came recently, everyone gave just £1 ($1) that would be plenty to sustain the tours. ____________________________ OPTION 1

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If you have the "CashApp" you can scan the QR code, use the cash code: £nathanandhazel or click.
YES! ...I can give a gift!

Thank you, your kind donation is keeping the tours running.

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I’m sorry, I just can’t afford even £1 ($1) so is it ok if Nathan and Hazel pay for me this time?