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Thank you!

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How Exciting! Your Tour reservation is now with us! We will email you with the Zoom room codes. **If after 12 hours you can't see our email, please look in your Spam/Junk folder as we find many emails from us end up there.**

One last step...

We would strongly recommend joining our WhatsApp Notification Channel (below) if you can. Many Brothers and Sisters forget they have a booking and miss their tours. We will simply remind you via the channel when tours are about to start with a time and with the log in codes. We WILL NOT spam you - and no one else can comment.

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If you have the "CashApp" you can scan the QR code, use the cash code: £nathanandhazel or click.
It's FREE? ...can I give a gift?

Sure! We are a family who run these tours in our spare time and if you would like to help us continue to show the tours by giving a gift we would truly appreciate that. You can do that below (Sorry don't have Zelle in England):

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