Lessons from the Wilderness

Lessons from the Wilderness

Travel with us & the Israelites

Come with us on a captivating virtual tour as we trace the epic journey of the Israelites! Begin in the arid landscapes of ancient Egypt, where the Israelites, led by Moses, pass through the Red Sea and escape the clutches of Pharaoh's army. Traverse the formidable wilderness, mirroring the Israelites' arduous trek towards Mount Sinai amidst thunder and lightning. Ascend the slopes of Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Journey alongside the Israelites as they navigate the challenges of the desert, culminating in the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River into the promised land of Canaan. This virtual odyssey offers a glimpse into the our profound history of faith, resilience, and divine guidance that defined the Israelites' odyssey!

JW Guide

Nathan and Hazel are both regular pioneers and have been baptised for many years. Together, they have over 30 years of Pioneer Service.

Fully Narrated

Nathan and Hazel will talk you through all the exhibits which will have you captivated from the start.

Plenty of Space

We have the extended Zoom license so have enough space for you to bring your congregation and many more.

Free Admission

We are just a family who run these tours for FREE in our spare time. But if you feel moved to give a nonobligatory gift you can.


Timed for the Americas & Europe.

Timed for Australasia, Asia & Africa.

In case of mistakes/confusion by Time-Zones it’s always best on the day of your tour to check the countdown timer.

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Free? Can I give a gift?

Sure! We are a family who run these tours in our spare time and if you would like to help us continue to show the tours by giving a gift we would truly appreciate that. You can do that by clicking here:

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